Happy Holidays from Toby and Security Agent Damon

I hope didn’t break anything important shoving this in.

Also, in case you missed the tweet, beta tester bl00dw0lf made something amazing for the end of the year:


  1. Quirken says:

    Full of win.

  2. Scallii says:

    Virginia’s passionately defending the redesign to an unimpressed Bondo now refusing to accept a drink. Arnold is taken aback and doesn’t know what to think. Brimsworth is actively unimpressed.

  3. BL00DW0LF says:


    • Keith says:

      Agreed. I always enjoy when companies take time to do something for the holidays with their game. Even something small like santa hats is awesome.

  4. LowTierSteve says:

    I am going to dress up as Toby next year for Halloween.

    • checker says:

      My job is to make the game well-known enough that people recognize you! :)

    • LowTierSteve says:

      And hey, if they still don’t, the conversation goes something like: “It’s from this game…” and BOOM, another copy sold.

    • MastahBlastah says:

      “It’s from this game…” and BOOM… lots of chicks around you

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