Zero’s Notebook #2: Breaking News

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog visit with this important news bulletin:  There is a gunman on the loose and the local police department refuses to comment!  There have also been reports of an unknown illness in Spypartia! Citizens are advised to stay away from classy houses until further notice.

You can catch the full story below.

One Comment

  1. hunter4hire says:

    Did the Investigators check the drinks? Maybe some paralyzing agent was distributed to the guests.
    Also, your report didn’t have any information on the victim.
    My guess that it was an improv class that went wrong.
    The guest list reveals that a Man known as Snaps McGee was at this party. He has a history of Violence and lude drunken behavior.
    Was he questioned? This cannot be the full story!!!! I DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!

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