Release Notes for 3076 and 3091! (Let’s forget about 3075, shall we?)

Here’s the latest release notes stream, co-hosted by virifaux.  It is just release notes.  It is not 2 hours and 44 minutes of me trying to fix showstopper bugs live on stream.1

These builds were a long time coming because I had to re-do the entire inside of the game in preparation for spectation and replays, which aren’t quite done yet, but are getting closer.  However, I put in a bunch of really important bug fixes, the cool looking “menu party”, the oft-requested “back button” on the game setup screens, and Practice Mode is now handled properly so it can be used for bug repros much more reliably.  Also, you can see some nascent spectation action developing with the addition of hitting <tab> to switch between Spy and Sniper views in Practice Mode.

Oh, and of course:


Santalanterns! Inspiration courtesy of zerotka, as per usual with our holiday Easter Eggs!


  1. If you really want to see that, here is your link. []


  1. virifaux says:

    1/24 Never Forget Santa Hats
    3075 Never Forget “No Yellow CC Indicators”

  2. serpentine says:

    Nobody is on right now…hecker report to the lobby asap!

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