SpyParty Chat #1 – Seduce, Fingerprint, High-rise, and more!

Hey all!  checker and I decided to try something a little bit different. We had ourselves a conversation about the latest SpyParty features, we recorded it, and then I turned it into a video. We basically stole this idea from the Introversion folks, who do a similar thing for Prison Architect release notes.

We mainly talked about some of the highlights of the past few patches. Below you will find time stamps for all of the topics we discussed as well as the video! If all goes well we want to continue doing these more frequently, except not quite as long. If you have any suggestions let us know in the comments!

Seduction Tuning

  • 0:53 Intro
  • 1:05 Seduce Target Review
  • 2:08 Twitch Flirting
  • 2:33 Loop Flirting
  • 2:54 Seduce Timer

SpyParty Balance

  • 6:05 Metrics & Opinions
  • 7:05 Kcmmmmm
  • 7:43 Listening to the Community
  • 8:38 Community Growth

New Fingerprint Mission

  • 9:17 Virifaux’s Idea
  • 10:08 How Fingerprint Works
  • 11:24 Three Stages of New Missions
  • 13:17 Meta
  • 14:12 “Campers” vs “Behavioralist” Sniping Styles
  • 15:21 The Future of Picking Missions
  • 17:47 Supporting Different Sniper Styles

New High-rise Level

  • 19:23 Dev Stream
  • 21:00 Hit With A Pretty Stick
  • 23:36 Beginner vs Beginner High-rise


  1. Sergio says:

    Oh man, I don’t play SpyParty for over an year, I think. I will be a noob again, hehe.

  2. CliveAtFive says:

    Awesome video, thanks gentlemen!

    Hard v. Soft tells: What’s your opinion on giving each mission a score based on its difficulty (similar to, say, a diving or gymnastics competition)? Between two players with the same number of Spy wins, the spy with the more daring missions could accumulate more points.

    Just a thought. Though I don’t know what your plan is for ladder/match-making…


    • checker says:

      I’ve experimented a bit with points for missions a long time and it got a bit weird, but virifaux is a big fan, and it’s actually the tie breaker for the ladder games now.  I kind of like the way the missions interact with each other right now, and I’d be worried about assigning “official points” to them and warping the Spy behavior.  But, one thing I want to do is allow people to make their own game types in the future (I’ll probably allow mod’ing maps first, then some kind of game type thing), so it’ll be interesting to see what happens!

  3. Isarios says:

    Hello Chris and thank you for this amazing game !

    I was wondering, since a few weeks, there is nobody on the game and the only match we can do is versus IA.. Are you aware of the problem?

    • checker says:

      What time are you logging on?  You can see a graph of the lobby numbers on your beta homepage (https://secure.spyparty.com/beta) and US evening is the peak time, US mornings can be a bit slow, but there is usually somebody along in a few minutes.  This has been a slower week than usual, though.

  4. Coderro says:

    On the subject of soft and hard tells, why is it that the spy chooses all the missions anyway? Isn’t the obvious fix to have the spy and sniper alternate mission picks or something?

    • checker says:

      The Spy chooses the missions because they need to be able to make a plan.  I eventually will test out a draft/pick/ban type thing to see how it works, but it’s important for the Spy to be able to change the missions based on how the Sniper is playing the match and whatnot.  I’ll be interested to see if a draft for missions (and characters, once they have different personalities) will work.

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