Check Out The New Characters Animating!

We recently revealed the latest five SpyParty characters in the new art style, and now you can see a video of them talking and hanging out in conversations!

ZeroTKA did the video in Maya, but with plain old hardware rendering like the game uses, so they’re not quite in the game yet, but you can see how cool they’re going to look once they are.  The plan is to get them in the game in the next few weeks and have them all playable at PAX at the end of August in Seattle.  They’ll hit the public beta build shortly after that. Or maybe before, I dunno, depends on how hot we are coming in.  More on that soon.

Here’s a pic showing what the animation rig on the characters looks like.


Face rigs always remind me of those old Bionic Woman episodes with the fembots…



  1. tobi387 says:

    That’s great news! Lucky for anyone heading to PAX this year. (I’m not going but I hope you guys have fun if you do)

  2. Noc says:

    Good stuff, just waiting to see them in-game!

  3. Stillwind says:

    Hey just a heads up but on my computer at least, the cool afro-woman’s skin seems a bit too reddish. You might want to tint it a bit less red and a bit more brown to look more natural. Right now it is too similar to her red dress, and its a bit too red overall.
    Just a suggestion, it is entirely possible that it just looks funny on my computer screen and is ok on others. Oh and I’m super glad you guys are taking the time to include people of all nationalities and body types. :)
    Keep up the good work!

    • checker says:

      Yeah, it’s really hard to balance color across so many different displays. I think we’ll do a pass towards the end where we color balance everything and test on a bunch of different setups. PCs are great in a lot of ways, but configuration testing is not one of them. :)

  4. longnguyenn= says:

    I wanna play spyparty

  5. chengyu says:

    can u put the game on to steam? Lots of my friends like this game. I believe it will be interesting

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