The Spectation Update Update

Update:  Well, I decided to try to get the curated replay set streaming in, as mentioned below, and it’s turning out to be harder than I thought, so it’s taking a bit longer.  It’s late Saturday night as I type this, and I’m not sure I’m going to make Sunday, wish me luck!

Check out the amazing image John made for The Spectation Update!  We’re still a far cry away from the elaborate websites with video and audio and comics and whatnot that Valve does for TF2, C-S, and Dota2, or even the comparatively simpler update page for Awesomenauts, but hey, baby steps.  You can click the image and then right-click the “File” link to get the high-res 2k version of it to make your desktop happy.

John did this awesome image for The Spectation Update!

Are they spectating themselves being murdered?  I admit the fiction is a little unclear…

Update Status Update

Even though I was pretty nervous about committing to a date, it seems to be working out well, and I’m cranking through the remaining tasks.  You can see the list of stuff to do by tomorrow (!) here.  I think I’ll probably live stream some bug fixing and testing tomorrow at and then release the build sometime in the evening, bugs willing.  I don’t think I’m going to get the loadtest robots working, but uh, that’s what beta testers are for!

I’ve decided to go for getting the replay streaming system up and limping, which is the thing that will allow me to have curated lists of replays streamed to players in the lobby, so you can compete against elite Spies in themed sets of replays.  It’ll be simple at first, but should be really cool.  But, that requires a…

Call for Replay Stream Set Curators!

I posted this in the SpyParty Beta Forums here, so if you’re in the beta, you can go there, and if you’re not in the beta, you can sign up here.

Okay, you’ve probably seen the list of stuff I’m trying to get done on The Spectation Update by tomorrow, and I’ve been really cranking (I need to go check some of that stuff off), so I’m actually going to try to get a hacky first pass curated replay streaming in by tomorrow, which is a bit nutso, but I think the kids would say YOLO.

So, I’d like some curated lists of replays, around 10 or so (flexible) replays in each set. They need a short name, a slightly longer description, and then the replays themselves. Most should probably be Spy Missions Win results, but that’s not strictly necessary (there could be a “beat the Sniper” theme to some).

Here are some resources:

SpyParty Fans Replay Database

The Post Your Replays Here Thread

Your Very Own Replays
In game, go to Replays, browse your matches, sort by results, choose the Missions Win ones, ctrl-click to mark, ctrl-shift-o to launch an explorer window with those selected, ctrl-drag to put them somewhere (don’t forget the ctrl on the drag or you’ll move them).

I’ve grabbed a bunch of the Mission Wins from my match replays (which are for some reason almost always me as Sniper?) and I’m going to use those for the initial thing, but I’d like to add more from the community after I get it working and debugged.

It might be fun to have the top of the leaderboard Mission Wins as separate sets.

It’d also be nice to have some non-elite games too! I’m thinking Easy / Medium / Hard. Actually, put a difficulty in your post as well.

You can also go into Practice Mode and record your own replays for this. Go nuts.


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