PAX 2015 Picture Gallery

In case you hadn’t noticed, it is no longer 2015, which means I’m extra late on this gallery of photos from PAX 2015. I also owe you the Part 2 to the SpyParty PAX Budget Numbers and Codecard Details, Part 1, which is actually a pretty interesting story, and there’s even a Part 3, but for now, here, have a zillion pictures.

Booth helpers from the community this year included krazycaleywarningtracksharperkcmmmmm, and virifaux, with extra volunteer effort from canadianbacondrawnonward (who actually did a twitch fund-raiser from the community to get to the show!), wodarlthummus, cleetose, and theoselk. Let me know if I forgot anybody!

You can also read warningtrack‘s writeup here at spypartyfans.comShaking the Hand of Someone You’ve Shot

On to the pics! Post a comment if I caught you!


  1. checker says:

    Sigh, the CDN hasn’t updated yet…the pics will be fixed in a minute.  I really need to get a better CDN plugin for wordpress.

  2. Stuart says:

    Wow, those pictures bring back fond memories! I don’t remember wearing such a serious face at the time, though. :P

  3. canadianbacon says:

    You forgot absolutely nobody Kappa

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