SpyParty Gallery from Day of the Devs 2015

As with the PAX 2015 Picture Gallery, I’m a bit late on this one, but Day of the Devs was a blast this (last?) year, and I took pictures!

My sentiments exactly.

My sentiments exactly.

Local elite SpyParty players cleetose and slappydavis helped out in the booth this year, and I just noticed they’re right next to each other on the leaderboard as well:

slappy and cleetose on the leaderboard

slappy and cleetose on the leaderboard

We were also joined by Ocean Quigley, his son, and my daughter, and of course John and Alice on sales duty! Ocean is working on Atomic Space Command, a new team-based space combat game with some friends from Maxis and elsewhere, so check that out. Also, I assume I’m going to be on booth duty for them at some point…quid pro quo.

See if you can spot other indie game developers in the gallery below. Our space wasn’t quite as insane as last year’s bank vault/cocktail lounge, but it was a lot cooler temperature-wise, and way less humid. Thanks again to Double Fine and iam8bit for inviting us, it was awesome and we really appreciate it!


  1. Slappydavis says:

    Shame on us for not getting a picture of us posing with Cleetose’s 3-d printed statues.

    • Slappydavis says:

      We could have even had a second picture where we were holding different statues than the first; one eyebrow raised on each of our faces.

    • checker says:

      Ugh, yes, how did I not do that?!

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