The New SpyParty UI Reveal Video is up!

Last night I did a stream revealing and discussing the new in-progress SpyParty user interface. It seemed to go pretty well1 and people in twitch chat seemed to like it. Dig it yourself here on the SpyParty YouTube channel:

I will do a longer post with screenshots and mocksup and whatnot soon!  Feel free to ask questions here if you have them (it’s easier to reply here than the YouTube comments).

  1. Thank you for not going down, comcast! []


  1. Markuss Kozlinskis says:

    It looks soooo sick!!! But my friend have pc with low specs( he could run old version smoothly) So: does required specs will change?
    Sorry if you said that in stream. Maybe I didn’t catch that.

    • checker says:

      Thanks, glad you like it! And yeah, should still run on low end hardware…I develop it on a really old laptop! :)

    • Markuss Kozlinskis says:

      That’s really nice! Thanks for reply!

  2. Eamonn says:

    Does this game support Lan? 

    • checker says:

      It uses the lan for the peer to peer part, but you need to be attached to the lobby to play right now. I’ll probably eventually do local play, though, but it’ll be a while.

  3. Rolando Jimenez says:

    Are you currently working with someone for the music in the game? Would love to discuss the possibility of having my partner and I make the music.

    • checker says:

      Hi, not yet, but it’s going to be a while, so keep an eye on the social medias because I’ll probably ask for submissions or something, haven’t figured out how I’ll do it yet. Drowning in UI code right now! :)

I have temporarily disabled blog comments due to spammers, come join us on the SpyParty Discord if you have questions or comments!