Playing All My League Makeup Matches Today in a Single Block!

I’m playing a bunch of SpyParty today, starting at 2:30pm US Pacific time and going until around 5:30pm, which means I start in 3 hours from me typing these words! I will livestream these games, internet-willing, at

I’ve posted about the SpyParty Competitive League before; it’s a really amazing ongoing competition organized and run by krazycaley with help from other community members.

Well, I’m in the Silver Division, and due to life and work craziness recently, I have a lot of makeup games to play, and through a miracle of scheduling, we are going to make them all up today in a single 3 hour block of SpyParty.

Here’s the schedule, which we probably won’t hit exactly, but is hopefully about right:

Time (US PDT) Opponent (makeup week)
2:30-3:30 lthummus (wks. 3 & 6)
3:30-4:00 fearfulferret (wk. 7)
4:00-4:30 sgnurf (wk. 8)
4:30-5:00 iceman (wk. 9)
5:00-5:30 elvisnake (wk. 10)

So, come watch the fate of Silver Division turn on a single stream. I should be warmed up by the end, maybe?


  1. Irvin Ubante says:

    Aye, do we only need one copy of the game to play, or we have to get 2 copies?

    • checker says:

      Right now you need two copies. Eventually I’ll support “spawn copies” where you get an extra copy that will only play you, but it’ll be a while (I’m heads down on new UI and stuff).

I have temporarily disabled blog comments due to spammers, come join us on the SpyParty Discord if you have questions or comments!