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I Should Not Be Posting About This Beta Playtest

I really should be working on my GDC1 talks. Instead, I am writing up yet another beta playtest, so I will make this quick! On Friday my friends and awesome game artists Luis Antonio and John Cimino playtested.  They were only supposed to play 4 or 6 games, but kept playing for an hour, which […]

Location, Location, Location

It is true: I should be working on the game right now. But I couldn’t resist more beta data!  Here are 5,871 geolocated SpyParty Early-Access Beta IP addresses: A few things of interest: I started to color code the points by the time they registered, and then I thought I’d do a gif animation over […]

Beta Data

Everybody likes data, right?  Well, here’s a random collection of it from the past day and half of the SpyParty Early-Access Beta Sign Up… At 17:05:12 PDT on 2011/5/11, somebody named Steven, whose IP address is from Florida, became the 5,000th person to sign up for SpyParty beta access.  Thanks Steven, and everybody else too!  […]

Here we go…it’s SpyParty Beta time!

Well, you all asked for it, so I’ve spent the past month trying to figure out exactly how to make it work, and I think I’ve finally got all the pieces figured out.1 So, here we go:  I’m taking sign ups for the SpyParty Early-Access Beta, starting right now! The sign up page is here. […]

New FAQ Page

Just a quick note in the feed that I added a new FAQ page to the site.  Enjoy!  Oh, and comment there if you have comments on the FAQ.  If you have comments on this post about the FAQ, I suppose you should comment here then!