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Release notes v0.1.2769.0 – Veranda Double Trouble

New build! This is a relatively quick update since the last one, but with one fairly small change with potentially large consequences on the Veranda map: I’ll write more about this change later, but the impetus for doubling up the statues at the front of Veranda was a series of player-designed and requested game modes. First, […]

Release notes v0.1.2758.0 – lobby stuff, mostly

I just realized that since I finally opened the beta, I can now post the release notes for the new builds here publicly without getting a torrent of “Send me an invite!” blog and facebook comments and tweets! Yay, I am so happy to be out of the invites business! I’ll do a post with numbers from […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, Belated

The ever-awesome ZeroTKA had an awesome idea for a Valentine’s Day surprise, and then my daughter gave me a cold and I couldn’t get it done for the actual day.  But hey, it’s still Valentine’s Day in Damon’s heart. This build, v0.1.2487.0, was supposed to be a quicky, but it snowballed bigtime.  Here are the release notes […]

Release notes v0.1.2056.0 – THE MEGABUILD

A dispatch from the private beta forums regarding the “megabuild”… Author Message checker Post subject: Release notes v0.1.2056.0 – THE MEGABUILD Posted: 2012/06/22 23:25  OnlineJoined: 2011/06/22 17:00Posts: 724 I didn’t get to everything I wanted to before I start spectation, so there will be a Daughter of Megabuild at some point soon. add crlf to whole chat log ctrl-c copy so notepad.exe works […]