PAX Minutia

When you get a booth at a convention, you’re supposed to get insurance so that when somebody trips over a taped-down cable, bruises their knee, and sues you, they don’t end up owning your game.

This is a screenshot from one of the insurance policies:

It’s good to know the relative value of these things…

In cable-trippingly related SpyParty news, I’m currently testing whether the warning on my 10′ USB extension cable, which reads, “Caution – do not exceed ten feet of total cable distance on low-speed devices, sixteen feet on high-speed devices”, is really accurate, or whether I can run an Xbox 360 wired controller (9′) over it.  It seems to work so far…famous last words.  Maybe I’ll pick up some USB repeater cables.

While searching, I found this excellent quote from the Xbox FAQ page:

9. Can I connect wireless and wired controllers at the same time?

You can connect up to four controllers in any combination you can think of with a maximum of up to two wired and two wireless controllers.

Any combination you can think of, except most of them.

Obligatory SpyParty screenshot:

"Would you care for a drink, General?"


  1. Alex Vostrov says:

    According to that chart, if you’re going to dismemeber your customers, you should go all the way.  Frankly, given the audience I would expect thumbs and index fingers to be worth more.

    Did someone bring a haptic feedback controller with circular saws to a previous PAX or something?

  2. jordy says:

    This smells sooo great!!! I like the forward momentum of your posts update! Keep it up, and your small hints to newly implanted stuff makes me hungry for more, I’m very curious what your current gameplay flow is with the double agents, and what you’re aiming at. In any case, DO NOT come back from PAX without a ton of video recordings!! :)

    • checker says:

      Thanks!  Yeah, I’m finding these small teaser posts a little easier to do that the longer posts right now given my stress level.  I playtested the drinks last night and it went pretty well.  More playtesting tonight!  So much do to before PAX…

  3. alfie275 says:

    So, will this game be Xbox only? Or also on PC? Will cross-platform web play be available?

    • checker says:

      No platform decided yet!  I’m developing it on PC with Xbox controllers, just to keep my options open (shame on Sony for not making good publicly available dualshock drivers, or I’d support them too!).  I’m hoping it’ll be XBLA/PSN/Steam, but not sure yet.   Cross-platform internet play would be awesome, but I think the console manufacturers frown on it, not sure.  But, that’s a ways away from being an issue.  :)

  4. Tim S says:

    What, no entry for arm and a leg?
    And is that percentage the amount they cover or how much they dont cover?
    It appears Alex has a point

  5. Kast says:

    PAX flu, dismemberment, social interaction… these convention things are death traps!

    Seriously though, I’m very relieved to be told (reminded?) that SpyParty is hopefully coming to PC/Steam. Always seeing those Xbox controllers and button indicators was somewhat concerning to me, not having a XBox as I do.

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