I’m sitting here in the Fire Hose Games offices, trying to stay out of the way1 as they do interviews about Slam Bolt Scrappers, which is shipping on PSN on March 15th,  getting ready for PAX East, and I realized I still hadn’t posted the new manual!

So, here’s the pdf, ready for half-fold double-sided printing:  The Updated SpyParty Manual

Here are some rasterized images:

So, study up, and hope to see you at PAX East!

  1. okay, I actually was so exhausted I took a nap on their couch []


  1. jordy says:

    I’ve 2 words to comment on this: Must Play! (before I die)

  2. Ron says:

    Real quick question for you. Do you send these off to be printed or do you print from home?

    • checker says:

      I have them printed at the local copy place, http://copycentral.com It’s about $100 for 500 half folded, with 4 laminated, and I supply the paper.

  3. Josh says:

    Please please please come to chicago or get this game on the market I would LOVE to play!

    • checker says:

      I’m from St. Louis, actually, but the next time I’m going to be in town is maybe Thanksgiving, and I think (hope?) the beta will be well underway by then, so you should already be playing if you signed up!

  4. James says:

    Can i use the keyboard?

    • checker says:

      Yep, kb+m is the way most people play. I just use 360 controllers at cons because they’re nigh indestructible and don’t require a flat surface.

  5. Nathaniel Pysklo says:

    So I bought the game….how do I install it???

    • checker says:

      You should have gotten a link to the beta homepage in your confirmation mail? If not, send mail to support at spyparty dot com and we’ll figure it out.

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