The 707s Are Away!

I sent out the 707 emails just now. If you subscribed on this site before 2011/05/10 and you didn’t get a mail from asking you to re-confirm your Early-Access Beta registration, check your spam folder. Since sending the mails a few minutes ago, 31 people (including me) have re-confirmed.

Yes, that's John Travolta. Again.

 Oh, here’s the email if you’re curious:

Subject: Please re-confirm your SpyParty Early-Access Beta registration!
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2011 01:35:42 -0500
From: SpyParty List Manager
To: me

Hi Chris Hecker,

The good news is you’re near the front of the line for the SpyParty
Early-Access Beta! Out of over 8,000 registrations, you’re somewhere in
the first 707.

The bad news is you have to re-confirm your registration to keep your place
in line. Luckily, this isn’t very bad news, because it just means you have
to click a link, which I think you’ll agree–as far as bad news goes–isn’t
very bad.

Why do you have to do this? Because you signed up on the SpyParty website
long before I’d figured out how I was going to run the Early-Access Beta,
and even before I’d decided to do a beta. Specifically, you signed up
before I decided to charge money to participate in the beta to help fund
SpyParty, and I want to make sure everybody who’s signed up has the same
expectations about the invitation process.

I explain in more detail in this blog post:

I’ve posted the pricing information here:

And there’s more general information about the Early-Access Beta here
(note, you shouldn’t sign up on this page, you’re already signed up):

So, if you’ve read all that, and you are sure you still want to be invited
into the SpyParty Early-Access Beta, then just click this link:

<re-confirm link>

If you’re no longer interested in participating in the beta, that’s totally
fine too, just ignore this mail.

Chris Hecker


  1. M says:

    Woooooot. :P

  2. Joe says:

    D’aww, signed up on the 11th. Have fun 707s!

  3. Simmostrikes says:

    Damn :(

  4. steve b. says:

    :( I signed up at 11 am on the 10th and cant find a confirmation email :(  

    Did I miss the cut? :(

  5. oliver says:

    will more people get in eventually or are this all the people you need for beta testing?

    • checker says:

      Oh, no, these people aren’t even in yet. These are just the people who needed to reconfirm their registrations since they registered really early, before I knew what shape the beta would take. Everybody who signs up will eventually get into the beta, I need it to be as big as it can be so I can balance the game properly.

  6. jordy says:

    Your money is waiting for you!!! How longer you wait the more possible interest you miss-out on.. just a thought ;p

  7. Martijn says:

    I signed up on the 10th, but didn’t get any email. Though i did already configm my sign up.
    are these emails only send to non confirmed people ? or also confirmed people ?

    • checker says:

      Only people who signed up before the 10th need to reconfirm, since they’re the ones who didn’t actually know what they were signing up for.  :)

    • Martijn says:

      Oke thanks for the reply! Looking forward to get testing!

  8. Ron says:

    I reconfirmed! Frakkin’ awesome.

  9. john reynolds says:

    Confirmed!!! Now let me give you my $50!!!


  10. justin says:

    So you had to sign in the day you put up the article?
    How come you only accepted E-mails for one day?
    I submitted my E-mail the day the announcement went up
    but i have not receive the e-mail.
    Will you send a second wave of emails later or its done already?
    Capcha: taterm ignored (hmm? coincidence? i think not!)  

    • Mark says:

      This post is about people who signed up before the official article went up. There used to be a little register thingy on the sidebar, if you signed up there you wouldn’t have a full idea of what you were signing up for so this additional email is necessary.

    • Phil says:

      It’s testament to Spy Party’s cult status that almost the entire early-beta pool signed up within one day. In other words justin, we ALL submitted our emails the day the announcement went up!

    • checker says:

      Yeah, don’t worry Justin, this is just a reconfirmation for the early people who didn’t know what they were signing up for.  Everybody’s still in, even if you didn’t sign up as early as the 707.

  11. Phobia says:

    If you ever make t-shirts, you should make one that says “I was #708.”

  12. Julian says:

    Woo! In the first 707 (And reconfirmed)

    Does this mean we get the first access to the beta? eg, are you planning to let more and more people become part of the beta over time?

    • checker says:

      Yeah, I’m going to go in roughly sign-up order, so first people who signed up are first in line.  I’ll probably do some small percentage of random invites from the back of the list just to give the people way back there some hope for salvation without having to wait so long.

  13. Cyron says:

    Oh man, I signed up on the 11th! 

    • jordy says:

      Frozen Synapse player? Looking forward to beating you again ;p

    • Cyron says:

      Bring it! Well, once I get in to the beta :)

    • jordy says:

      See, I’m already beating you on that front, I’ll be damned if you got in BETA BEFORE me!
      Oh wait, what’s that?!… ah, I see, it’s a red dot at the back of your head :P.

  14. Adam says:

    I think the $50 level would be a no brainer if it it meant you got to play a game against Mr. Hecker.

    • jordy says:

      We’ll all be probably crushed first time, but one day Mr. Hecker, one day.. I will master your legacy and win from it’s creator.

    • checker says:

      Everybody will get to play me, assuming you keep the same random hours I do.  I’ll probably also have a testing server that I bring up every once in a while to test new stuff that brave people can try.  I will definitely be quickly surpassed by beta testers, and that will be a watershed moment.  The real one I’m looking forward to is when Ian and Paul are crushed by somebody.  :)

    • jordy says:

      The famous Sniper eh? Your wish is my command, I’ll just slip something into his drink.

  15. Chad says:

    OOOhhhh noes! I may have deleted it.

  16. Bas says:

    Looking forward to giving you money! When are you going to invite more people?

  17. Tim says:

    Bah, I guess I was too late. i’m so sad right now :(


    • jordy says:

      I could tell you, but then I would have to…

      Ok, I’ll tell you, Chris called them and said that he wasn’t planning to go to Europe this time cause he had a BETA coming up and still a lot of stuff to do for that. So PAX decided, in order to keep there most anticipated game in the show to host PAX in USA.

      Sad, but not true.

    • PAX says:

      Not true… he threatened us.

  18. maarch says:

    I must admit that spy party is right up there on my ” I want to play this game freaking bad ” list, right along BF3. 

    Those 2 games just can’t come out quick enough… but one thing is sure, I think they will both be fantastic !
    Keep up the good work, as for me.. I’ll just go in a corner and cry in silence because I never saw the thing to subscribe to the wbesite before the 10th ( been following you since… well at least since before GDC 2010. )

  19. Lv says:

    I’ve been following Spy party for a long time and I just now see that there is a beta !

    Unfortunately I can’t find the answer to my question which are:
    – Will the beta be available for non US players ?
    – Will it be possible to play this beta with players I choose ? I mean if I want to play with my friends will that be possible or is it random server/random players ?

    Anyway, thanks for making this great game !

    • Lv says:

      Sorry about that, I found my answers in the beta signup topic (“yes”, “yes” and “yes” it seems). I didn’t see the “Older comments” links !

      Guess I’m gonna sign up now heh.

    • checker says:

      Yeah, I really need to roll those kinds of things up into an FAQ about the Beta…

  20. Joe Staley says:

    There is a slight possibility I may have deleted the email by mistake as I empty my trash without looking through it.

    However I am not sure of my sign-up date…


    • checker says:

      You’re fine, you signed up on the 11th. You can always just try to sign up again, and it will tell you if that email is already confirmed.

    • Tim says:

      Oh, sorry to be a bother but could you check mine? I’m really anxious about that email, and I’m unsure of the sign up date too :)

    • checker says:

      I knew that was going to happen if I posted that.  :)  Just try to sign up again and it’ll tell you if you’re confirmed or not.  If it doesn’t say you’re already confirmed, then email me.

    • Tim says:

      Why didnt I read that! Quote: “You can always just try to sign up again, and it will tell you if that email is already confirmed.”.. Sorry

      I’m confirmed!

  21. Cameron says:

    I hope the beta comes out soon, I’ve been getting so anxious I am seriously considoring buying “the ship” just to tide me over, even though from the gameplay video’s I’ve seen it’s not really anything like this game. Also I hope you do the random thing you talked about for those of us near the back of the line, it’s kind of depressing to know that at that back we may not play until this time next year :S

    • Jordy says:

      I think he wants to get most people of the list into the BETA withing a couple of months, so next year this time seems quite unlikely, considering BETA will start HOPEFULLY this month..

      He also mentioned a sort of bump-up system so people in the BETA can bump up other people on the list to get into the BETA faster, if that gets implanted you could try make a lot of “friends” on the forum so you get bumped-up quicker :)

    • Cameron says:

      I know of his current timeline, but I said “until this time next year” because I also know of his tendency to be a *little* slower than he outlines, lol :D (I believe at one point he said he was hoping to start the beta in June?)

    • Jordy says:

      I know, I know, mid-June was I think the first marked target date for BETA-release, but I mean, there comes a point where he stops running into obstacles to releasing the BETA and I’ll be damned if that point is not very near.

      The wait has been kinda crappy, even more so because I think he’s not really working on the gameplay.. but when it DOES finally release the BETA should make me forget about this “hardship” quickly..

    • John Travolta says:

      Does that mean I have to wait too?

      Wasn’t I suppose to be first in line?

    • Dustin Hoffman says:

      The men got no taste… putting you in front of the line.. Hey! Let me in!!

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