Teaser image for The “Should Have Been Three Updates” Update!

This build has taken forever and gotten about 3x too large, but here we go! Out next Thursday, October 27th!




  1. Ethan Ricketts says:

    Any hints about what we can expect?

  2. DJ says:


  3. Julius says:

    Mmh, I am thinking about getting back into the game. Should I pull the trigger (heh) on a second copy to play with friends or are spawned copies on the semi-near horizon?

    • checker says:

      Spawn copies are still a ways off, hopefully sometime next year, but right now the focus is on getting ready for Steam Early Access in the spring. The price is probably going to go up for Steam, but I’ll post about that before I do anything to give people a chance to get it for the current price, but yeah, if you want to play with friends now, buying an extra copy is the way to do it! Thanks! :)

  4. novelweapons says:

    When Spy Party enters Steam’s Early Access, will early adopters from this site be provided with a Steam key?

  5. Struddy says:

    Methinks: 5 new characters (including one short guy), New map and new UI. Looking forward to it!

  6. Corey says:

    So this update just didn’t occur?

    • checker says:

      It did but then it had some bugs and then the holidays hit and so I got a bit behind! Almost ready with the patch for the update (hopefully a couple days) and then I’ll post about all the big changes!

    • Corey says:


  7. James Sunderland says:

    “It did but then in had some bugs then the holidays hit”. You do realize there is a hell of time between October 27th and “holiday season”. Ofc unexpected things happen but for the benefit of your backers you really have to develop some discipline.

    • checker says:

      Hi James, this build was actually posted a while ago and there have been two patches to it since then, I just haven’t updated the public blog yet with the info (but the private beta forums have been in the loop the entire time giving feedback). If you’re a beta tester and are unhappy with the game or the progress, I’m happy to give you a refund, just send mail to support at spyparty dot com. Or, if you just want more up-to-date news you can check out the twitter or facebook accounts, which are a little more casual and so updated more often. That said, hopefully I’ll have the blogs posts about this update and its progeny here soon!

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