We now have a Steam Page!

It’s happening! SpyParty now has a Steam Store Coming Soon Page! No news yet on the exact date we’ll launch into Steam Early-Access, but we’re planning for early next year and working hard to hit that part of the calendar.

You can, of course, buy the game now if you don’t want to wait!

Oh, and it’s in the FAQ, but to reiterate: unless Valve pulls a 180 degree turn and radically changes all their policies in the next few months, which is incredibly unlikely, you will get the game on Steam when it’s ready for testing (probably before it’s actually for sale since I’ll need a bunch of help testing). So, if you want to practice and be a part of the excellent community before all the Steam people come in, join up now!

We also recut the trailer with new music and shots from more levels, and it came out really well, so check that out:


  1. Classic_Cheese says:

    Oh my goodness! SpyParty really has come a long way. And I haven’t even noticed the new level changes too! Great job, keep it up!

  2. filip says:

    When can I play this game on steam ?

    • checker says:

      Shooting for early next year. I’ll announce a real date when I know I can hit it. I’m pretty terrible at hitting dates, in case that’s not obvious. :)

  3. Adam says:

    When the SpyParty will be available to play on Steam?

  4. DJ says:

    Excellent! I’ve had SpyParty added to my Steam library as a non-Steam game for years and whenever I play it, I get asked about it.

  5. fonchifox says:

    Do you have consoles in mind for the future?
    I’ve been in the beta since the very beginning, but I wonder if I could redeem a code for consoles to play with tons of friends.

    Congrats for the milestone!

    • checker says:

      I don’t know if I’ll be able to have codes that are redeemable on console because the console folks don’t seem to like that, but I hope to be on consoles at some point!

  6. filip says:

    If I buy game on this website how I can download it ?

    • checker says:

      You’ll get a link to the private beta homepage, and then you log in there and there’ll be download links for Windows and MacOS. Once you’ve downloaded it, it’ll auto-update when you play.

  7. Domoo27 says:

    if I bought spy party here, will we get a steam code to?

  8. GingerTrain says:

    Hey man,

    Just wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job in developing this game, I can’t wait to see its release on Steam so I can bring a bunch of my friends into it. Keep up the great work! :)

  9. Oh boy, it’s been quite a while. I am so happy finally this is reaching steam! It will be so much easier to convince my friends of getting it c:
    Great job mate! Keep it up pretty please

  10. Umenn says:

    Bro, put this game at the price of 5-10$ , you`ll get rich, trust me with this low price! Waiting for the gamee!!!
    I want to add you on steam too!
    my steam: steamcommunity.com/id/Umenn

  11. NO BODY says:

    Make spy party without money on steam and you will have more followers and thanks, subscribe, etc. !!! It’s gaming advice.

    • checker says:

      I get the appeal of free-to-play but it is a totally different game design problem and so the entire game would need rethinking. Who knows in the far future, but for now, it’ll be premium because it allows me to focus on designing SpyParty for depth without worrying about monetization during play.

  12. DMY says:

    Will the price change when it goes on sale on steam?

    • checker says:

      Yeah, it’s going to go from $15 to $24.99, so you have 9 more days to get it at $15. It will have regional pricing on steam, so depending on where you are, there’s a chance it might actually be cheaper, but I’ll do a blog post soon with that info.

  13. AndreiZz says:

    game free??????

  14. Jonathan says:

    I downloaded through steam and cant get the game to play. It says i’m playing but the window wont open. Is anyone else having problems? Cant figure out if its a steam issue, spy party issue, or an OS issue. Before i ask for my money back I wanted to see if someone can help.

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