The New SpyParty Tutorial!

After years in Early-Access Beta, with nothing but a four-page manual to help you learn how to play, SpyParty finally has a fully interactive tutorial!

I’m pretty proud of how it came out. The tutorial uses a mix of text and voice narration,1 and it tries to get as close as possible to how we train people in-person at PAX, which has worked well for years.

It walks you through the basic movement mechanics of Sniper and Spy, and then teaches each of the four beginner missions (Bug Ambassador, Contact Double Agent, Swap Statue, and Seduce Target), first from the Spy side and then from the Sniper side, and then has you put it all together into a full Spy game and Sniper game. There are a number of small challenges in there to (hopefully) keep it interesting.

It’s really long and in-depth and it still only scratches the surface of the game, and it actually prompted me to add a Beginner Mode to the game to limit the complexity that had to be taught (and learned),2 but we playtested it a bit at PAX and it successfully taught people how to play the game, and I’ve improved it a lot since then, so I’m pretty happy with it so far. It needs more work, but I think it’ll help people learn how to play.

I did a live stream of a tutorial playthrough with commentary about design decisions made during its development and I’ve uploaded the video to the SpyParty YouTube channel:


I’m very interested in watching people play through the tutorial for the first time to see how well (or poorly) it works, so if you get the game and are going to do the tutorial, stream it or upload a video to YouTube and send me a note on Twitter or Facebook or link it here in the comments!

Late Release Notes

I also finally did the long-overdue release notes for the previous set of builds, which involved a ton of changes. You can see them in the private Beta forums, but here’s a silly screenshot of the announcements post to show you how long the notes are…


  1. at the urging of my game designer friend Zach Gage []
  2. interestingly, Beginner Mode is pretty close to the original SpyParty from the start of development before I started iterating on the design to go as deep as possible []


  1. Steph says:

    I love that the PAX photos are from 2015 *cough*

    But fancy tutorial, my favourite part is pick nose.

  2. Majky says:

    When will be spyparty released on steam?

  3. Alistair McCutcheon says:

    Sometimes I cannot play with sound – could you add text at the bottom of the screen whenever banana bread is said as well as the audio?

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