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Scalability and Asserts I’m Not Yet Fixing

I’ve been a bit quiet because I’ve been working on (hopefully) completely invisible stuff involving backend server scalability.  What does that mean, you ask?  In practical player-facing terms, it means I’m trying to get the lobby and registration system robust enough to first invite the rest of the waiting list in,1 and then to open […]

The First 999 Beta Tester Usernames

There are now 999 people registered in the Early-Access Beta.1 Here are their usernames: aaboyles aaerox abettega ablemonkey aca15 acbgardner aces acron actionpotential adam adman aerox2 aethyr agent agentmidnight agradula ahalay ahnimal aisugirl akuda alessandro ali alkapwn almostpeaceful74 amagineer amar amassingham amonjura ancillas andrew andy angellion01 angryamish angryjaffa angrywombat ankhwatcher annoyedguy anotheruselesspwn antoine antonio applemint apreche […]

Deductive Depth Jamming, Beta Balance, and Megabuild Todo List

Wow, I have been busy, and the Early-Access Beta todo items are piling up! I will just get right to talking about stuff, no introduction necessary! The Depth Jam and Deduction Recently, a small group of us did an intensive game design retreat we called the Depth Jam, during which I dug into the deductivity […]

A Beta Chat Log and The Current Leaderboard

One of the best things about finally having regular players in your game’s beta is you get to watch the server logs for bugs, or just snoop on your players chatting with each other before and after games.  In fact, this is so addictive, and you learn so much about how your game really works […]

The Near-Term Early-Access Beta Rollout Plan

I still do not have my $14.26 from PayPal.  But, I have fixed most of the bugs that Jonathan Blow—the first official SpyParty Early-Access Beta invitee—found, so I guess I’m not going to wait for PayPal1 and hope things are working now. There have been a lot of questions here on the blog, on Twitter, […]