SpyParty’s Indie Friends at PAX West 2011

As I mentioned previously, the SpyParty booth at PAX West 2011 (lucky number 3002) is going to be home to some wacky shenanigans involving various experiments on you, the PAX attendees.  The first is the depth-based-gameplay experiment of having an unlimited time playtest station…will it end in tears?

I hinted at the second experiment at the bottom of the post…we indies have to stick together, and much like the awesome Firehose Games did for SpyParty last PAX East, this year I’m inviting two other indie games to demo at the booth so fans and press alike can check them out. 

For an hour each weekend day morning, a different indie game will take over all 6 playtest stations…

The Unannounced New Hotness from Carbon Games, Saturday, 10am-11am

I can’t say anything yet about what the folks at Carbon Games are going to show on Saturday morning, but they’re the same people who did the PS3’s Fat Princess, so you can be pretty confident it will be a unique and polished experience.  They’re going to announce the game sometime early next week, so watch their twitter feed for more information.

This is not the game they're showing at PAX.


Miegakure, Marc ten Bosch’s Brain Bending 4D Puzzle Platformer, Sunday, 10am-11am

Sunday morning, Marc ten Bosch is going to set up the latest build of Miegakure at the booth.  My advice is to grab a coffee and get there as soon as you can so you can camp a playtest station, because you will want as much time as possible to try to take your slow and lumbering morning brain from its sleepy 3D existence to its enlightened 4D state.

How to get to the other side? Like, duh.

I’ve blogged about working with Marc before, so maybe you can spot the similarities in this shot I took of him last week…

Every picture I take of Marc looks like this...


  1. Jordy says:

    Have fun and goodluck!

  2. justin says:

    I am soo fucking excited for Miegakure!
    Marc tenBoch is some sort of Jonathan Blow genius designer…
    But he never updates his fucking blog?
    How is he and the game doing? 

    • checker says:

      The three dimensional projection of Marc I interact with is doing great! Not sure about the rest of him.

    • justin says:

      Could you possibly tell him to take some pictures at the event and update his damn blog!
      I’m so excited but it’s been like 6 months with no news of Miegakure.

    • checker says:

      I’ll almost certainly take pictures and post them.

  3. Nocturna says:

    good luck!

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