We now have a Steam Page!

It’s happening! SpyParty now has a Steam Store Coming Soon Page! No news yet on the exact date we’ll launch into Steam Early-Access, but we’re planning for early next year and working hard to hit that part of the calendar.

You can, of course, buy the game now if you don’t want to wait!

Oh, and it’s in the FAQ, but to reiterate: unless Valve pulls a 180 degree turn and radically changes all their policies in the next few months, which is incredibly unlikely, you will get the game on Steam when it’s ready for testing (probably before it’s actually for sale since I’ll need a bunch of help testing). So, if you want to practice and be a part of the excellent community before all the Steam people come in, join up now!

We also recut the trailer with new music and shots from more levels, and it came out really well, so check that out:


  1. Classic_Cheese says:

    Oh my goodness! SpyParty really has come a long way. And I haven’t even noticed the new level changes too! Great job, keep it up!

  2. filip says:

    When can I play this game on steam ?

  3. Adam says:

    When the SpyParty will be available to play on Steam?

  4. DJ says:

    Excellent! I’ve had SpyParty added to my Steam library as a non-Steam game for years and whenever I play it, I get asked about it.

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