I’ve started sending out screenshots to the press who have playtested SpyParty and want to write about it, so I figured I’d start collecting them here1.

These are screenshots of a gameplay prototype.  This means the look of the game will change drastically as it’s developed, and everything you see is temporary artwork and UI for testing!  Thank you for your understanding!

I will continue to add images and video to this page as development proceeds.

If you want to write an article about SpyParty, don’t hesitate to ask for different screenshots if you don’t find what you want here!

2013/10/09: Finally updated with the new environment art style.  Read it here.

2013/10/4: Video of the new art in game!  Details here.

2012/08/27: We revealed the new character art style.  Read more about it here.

2010/08/11:  Some shots that illustrate holding objects, ik, etc.


  1. Also, as Jonathan predicted, people have used the silly April Fool’s debug image in blog posts about the game, so it’s better to provide real images for people to use. []


  1. tom says:

    I’ve been waiting for a game like this for some time. I remember the main thing that attracted me to Assassin’s creed brotherhood was the multiplayer game modes where you have to look for the target or even be the target. 
    This looks amazing. I’m definitely waiting for this one. Keep it up!

  2. josh says:

    I just read Your interview in this months gameinformer. Good article, hopefully it will help get the word out on what looks to be be a really fun game. Do you think the success of minecraft will help open people up to the idea of a paid demo?

    • checker says:

      It definitely seems like it!  For indie games, it could turn out to be a great way of funding, because the players want the same thing the developer wants (an awesome innovative game), so it removes any of the weird conditions that come with any 3rd party investment.  Keeping it just between the players and the developers seems like it could be a great way to get a bunch of interesting new games.

    • Tyler says:

      Yeah I just finished reading the article as well and it could be a very good game. Maybe I should start reading up on psychology to get an advantage.

    • jordy says:

      That was exactly what I was thinking, this game would probably lent itself for that perfectly.

      Some possible areas of interest:

      – Attention spans
      – Visual information processing
      – Memory
      – Manipulation?

      I’m currently reading a book called the invisible gorilla, which has some interesting points about certain “flaws” in our brain and/or way of thinking.
      Let me know if you find anything!

  3. Nathan says:

    Great game concept. How can universal behaviour ie brushing hair from your face, adjusting your tie, getting something to drink, be used to further deepen the game play of the spy? Is the sniper mobile, can he/she choose from multiple vantage points.
    really looking forward to the next leap in gaming, this could be it!

  4. Brad says:

    Could there be two options for the sniper? Meaning; allow the player to choose to use a sniper rifle from across the street or go into the party and handle the spy manually. Attack/arrest/kill the wrong target and blow your cover. If there were multiple spies that would require the player to eliminate the first spy without blowing his cover such as in a bathroom or unused room for the party. I read your KOTAKU article about all the effects and distractions you plan on adding and can’t wait to play the beta/final product! Adverse weather could add another level of difficulty for the sniper as well. A difficult task for a spy might also be to eliminate another party goer without being detected.

    Also, have you considered outsourcing the code writing to your players to expedite the creation process? I’d love to be able to say I worked on something like this as I could use the experience in future resumes. And the experience and final product is all the compensation I’m looking for! 

    • checker says:

      I definitely want to have a game mode where the Sniper can go into the party, but I want to balance the asymmetric version first.

      I’m probably going to expose a way to write bots for the Spy for training, since I think AI students will like that, but no other plans besides that right now. Currently I’m heads-down on the beta server stuff, so can’t think about anything else. :)

    • NKato says:

      I would advise against opening the code access to your testers for contributions. The DayZ access debacle is one example of why.

      If you’re going to get a programmer to help you, make sure you vet their work before you finalize anything.

    • checker says:

      Yeah, I’ll be super careful. The AI thing is more of a personal thing during development, not a mod strategy.

  5. penafore says:

    cant wait for the game seems so fun! :D cant wait!

  6. _Spy_Crab_ says:

    I see an A button and an X button in the spy pictures… Xbox 360 development, or just using an Xbox 360 controller on your PC?

    • checker says:

      It’s a usb 360 controller on a pc for now (it also supports mouse+keyboard). Developing on console devkits is a pain in the butt, so I’ll put it off as long as I can. :)

  7. Anthony says:

    Just a quick question any word on when the beta will start? Cant wait to play this it seems excellent, just my type of game.

    • checker says:

      Hopefully any day now, although it’ll be a while before everybody’s in, I need to start the invites slowly while I scale the servers. But, very soon!

  8. Chris says:

    I feel this game is very reminiscent of “The Ship” in all the right ways and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    I love experimental gameplay.

  9. Ryan says:

    Can’t Wait! This is fantastic news! I’ve been checking the site once every month or so… keep it up!

  10. Zephrynn says:

    Hey Chris, now videos are showing up on youtube, you should add some of doctorwhy’s and bishop’s videos up here, or anyone else for that matter :)

  11. Rodrigo says:

    Cannot wait to play the BETA! Well I really hope I get invited soon

  12. Tim says:

    Map making. Make it happen.

  13. Chris says:

    What if the spy could poison another party goer’s drink? Maybe he has to get out before it kicks in.

  14. Pixel says:

    Do you think that after the game is released, you might give the community the tools to make maps?

    • checker says:

      Yeah, I’d love to, it’s just a lot of work to make that operate cleanly. I love community generated content like that, it’s awesome! So, “hopefully” is the answer. :)

  15. Panda says:

    HAHA really made me laughing, hearing your “Banana Bread” during the live streamed Interview. Good one. Keep up the good work. Cheers Panda

  16. Cheryl says:

    I just ran into this site looking for new spy games. 
    Unique idea, love the perception and psychology aspect of it.  

    It is only for consoles or will PC users be able to
    sign up to play the the beta as well?

  17. Aaron says:

    I read about this game a couple years ago and it sounded amazing. The other day, after two years of NOT talking about it, it came up in conversation. It rejuvenated my enthusiasm. Can’t wait for this game!

  18. If spy party doesn’t have a trailer yet, it must. If it said trailer is just a placeholder for the time being. This game sounds so interesting! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    • checker says:

      Yeah, no trailer yet. Since I don’t have time (or skills) to do one, I’m thinking about taking a page from Minecraft and letting fans make the trailer, more on that in a bit once I think about it more. You can get your hands on it now, though, since I opened the beta last week!

  19. Gio says:

    I love the character/art style. Looks perfect!

    But what I really want to know is: When will the graphics will be live and playable???????????????????????????

    ps. I just bought Spy Party today.

    • checker says:

      We’re hoping to have them up and limping by PAX West at the end of August.  I am terrible at estimating dates, though, but that’s the goal.  They’ll be in on the side, so the current balanced maps will still work with the old art, and the new art will be in a map by itself that’s more like a tech demo than a competition-worthy map.

      ps. Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

  20. RTEA129 says:

    Will this game be on steam?

  21. Joshua says:

    I love the concept!
    It makes me think of ideas/variants that you can add (if you like them of course! :)) 1.) Perhaps you can add a variation where you are the spy but the view is 1st person instead of 3rd person. 2.) Make a variant of a murder mystery where the spy attempts to murder a guest and the sniper is supposed to stop them before it happens. You could even do a theme where the president is the intended victim. Some helpful ideas with this concept are tasks that must be completed by the spy such as: Having to locate a weapon (Poisoning a drink that was given by toby could be a concept), plant incriminating evidence, create an alibi, instruct victim of meeting place – once this is all complete, the spy then must meet the intended victim. If the sniper hasn’t discovered who the killer is after a few seconds, the lights go out and the victim is killed. 3.) Allow multiple spy characters for a multiplayer option where they have to interact with each other somehow. Not sure if it’s best to create it so you have to kill all spies, or just one. 4.) Or perhaps a reverse murder mystery where a character is found dead and the spy is actually an undercover cop looking for clues in the location. The clues whereabouts are random and not known to the undercover cop. The identity of the sniper is determined by these clues. It’s a race to either identify the sniper and arrest them or to kill the undercover cop before you are discovered (Basically same idea but different theme). 5.)Perhaps have a cooperative version, where the spy is a computer player, and you have an investigator and a sniper working together. You could have it so the spy has to do his objectives and/or murder the investigator. — Not sure if any of these ideas help you out, as the game concept is excellent the way it is, but I love spy/murder mystery themed things. :) Sure hope this game goes far!

    • checker says:

      Ha, thanks, and great stuff!  If you’re in the beta there’s a Suggestions Thread brimming with stuff like this, so it’s a good place to brainstorm.  I definitely plan on doing some of that, like the Poison the Drink mission, and whatnot.  I hope it goes far too!  :)

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